Kamyar Behrouzi

Job title: 
Graduate Student Researcher
Mechanical Engineering
Professor Liwei Lin (Advisor)
Ph.D. 2024 (Anticipated)

Kamyar Behrouzi is an Iranian researcher, currently pursuing a Ph.D. in MEMS and NEMS at the University of California, Berkeley. He holds an academic background with a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in mechanical engineering, both with honors, from the University of Tehran, the top university in Iran. Presently, Kamyar is dedicated to cutting-edge research in Nanophotonics, integrated photonics, and computer vision, focusing on innovative applications in protein and nucleic acid sensing.

Fall 2023 Research Review Presenter

Research interests: 

Nanophotonics, Integrated Photonics, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Biophotonics, MEMS and NEMS, Microfluidics, Soft Robotics, Quantum Optics
Job Interests: Industry R&D, Post-Doc, Academic


Projects & Publications

Kamyar Behrouzi
BSAC Project Materials (Current), 2024
Kamyar Behrouzi
Research Review Presentations, 2023
Fanping Sui; Kamyar Behrouzi; Wei Yue
BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive), 2022
Fanping Sui; Ruiqi Guo; Wei Yue; Kamyar Behrouzi; Liwei Lin
Conference Paper (Proceedings), 2021
Fanping Sui; Wei Yue; Ruiqi Guo; Kamyar Behrouzi; Liwei Lin
Conference Paper (Proceedings), 2021
Renxiao Xu; Peisheng He; Guangchen Lan; Kamyar Behrouzi; Yande Peng; Dongkai Wang; Tao Jiang; Ashley Lee; Yu Long; Liwei Lin
Journal Article, 2021