NT19: MEMS Microswitch for High-Voltage Applications


A microswitch utilizing thermoelectric MEMS actuators is being designed, fabricated, and characterized. The switch is intended to switch >1000 VDC with over 100 gigaohms off-state resistance. The main challenge in designing these switches is determining a contact electrode configuration with the ability to stand off high voltages, while still being able to bridge the contact gap using MEMS actuators. Extensive high voltage breakdown testing has confirmed that the breakdown response for planar MEMS polysilicon devices is similar to the publushed response of larger metal electrodes across single small air gaps (0.5 to 10 um). Investigations of breakdown response in planar electrode configurations with multiple gaps show promising results for high voltage switching.

Project end date: 08/14/07

Fabian Strong
Publication date: 
January 30, 2007
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