LWL29: Nano-Getters for MEMS Applications


High vacuum inside a micro-cavity is hoped to be obtained and maintained for lifetime of a MEMS. This project will supply design rules of getter dimensions in MEMS packaging by exploring the relationships of the residual gas pressure and its variety in a cavity with (1) the different getter materials, such as Ti, Zr, V, and their mixture, (2) the surface area, thickness, and amount of the getter deposited respectively. Multi-times activating the getter by means of localized heating to improve the efficiency of it. Develop nano-getter with high porosity and large surface area. Design and fabrication of nano-ion-pump to adsorb inert gases such as Ar and He. Design and fabrication of nano- or micro-vacuum gauge to monitor the vacuum changing inside the micro-cavity because of the effect of getter, outgassing and leakage.

Project end date: 08/30/05

Daoheng Sun
Publication date: 
January 31, 2005
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