LWL24: Rapid Bonding of MEMS Strain Gauge to Steel


A rapid and reliable bonding method is needed to bond MEMS strain gauges to steel. The MEMS strain gauge is to be bonded to the manufactured steel after all other steel treatment steps have been completed; hence the bonding method must be kept at low temperature to prevent any thermal damage to the steel composition. In addition, the bonding method must not introduce high residual strains, which would cause error in strain gauge measurements. The strain gauge to steel bond must also have the ability to survive several years in a wide working temperature range (-60oC to 150oC) in an oily environment. Rapid localized induction heating is being investigated as a possible solution.

Project end date: 07/28/07

Brian D. Sosnowchik
Ko-Min Liao
Publication date: 
July 24, 2007
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