KSJP27/JD: MEMS Design Synthesis and Optimization


The goal of this project is to create useful, efficient design synthesis tools for MEMS devices. Design synthesis helps engineers develop rapid, optimal configurations for a given set of performance and constraint guidelines. The current MEMS design synthesis tool is based on a case-based design library and uses variant optimization techniques for adapting old designs to new design problems. The design synthesis tool recommends the initial designs to the designer based on the given design specifications and further optimizes the design parameters to satisfy the design performance requirements and constraints. Through the use of a multi-objective genetic algorithm (MOGA) and local optimization techniques, the MEMS design synthesis tool can provide multiple good design concepts to a MEMS designer for further engineering analysis. The best designs generated from the design synthesis process will be fabricated and tested, and the successful designs will be stored in the design case library for future use.

Project end date: 08/04/08

Corie L. Cobb
Publication date: 
January 24, 2008
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BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
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