BPN831: Sample-to-Answer Multiplex Molecular Diagnostics for Subtyping Pathogenic Bacteria


The rapid and sensitive detection of pathogenic bacteria is crucial for identifying the pathogen and patient care with precise antibiotic treatment in public health. Thus, various diagnostic approaches such as a sequencing, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), antibiotic susceptibility test (AST) have been used, but current methods still lack for practical application due to long processing time, and a large equipment- based operation. Here, we report a macrofluidic diagnostic platform, capable of rapid sample preparation, pathogen lysis and genetic profiling of multiple pathogens directly in clinical urine samples within 20 minutes. Membrane-based, absorbent pad-assisted bacteria preconcentrator demonstrates “urine sample in - bacteria out” capability, achieving 90% recovery efficiency. The photothermal lysis and polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based nucleic acid amplification allow specific detection of multiple pathogens for subtyping of pathogens such as K. pneumonia, P. aeruginosa, E. coli and C. freundii. This integrated diagnostic platform described here enables a rapid diagnosis and identification of clinically relevant bacterial species for targeted therapeutic intervention and precision medicine.

Project end date: 09/02/16

Publication date: 
March 1, 2016
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