BPN804: A Rapid, Integrated Molecular Diagnostic for Gram-Negative Pathogen Detection and Identification Based on Antibody-Based Capture and Photonic PCR


The fast and precise detection and identification of pathogens has become significantly important in medicine, food safety, public health, and security. However, the conventional testing (bacteria cultures with several antibiotics for susceptibility test) needs one to four days to acquire the result. Here, we develop an integrated molecular diagnostic system that combines sample preparation, pathogen lysis, and genetic detection to identify pathogens within one hour. Bacteria in relatively large-volume sample (3-5 mL) continuously passing through a fluidic channel are captured and identified by antibodies on the gold-coated nanopore membranes within 30 min. Gold - coated membranes can easily raise the temperature beyond 70 degrees Centigrade under LED light emission enabling rapid pathogen lysis. Combining with temperature control and photonic system, PCR can be executed for genetic detection of pathogen within 5 min. We expect that this integrated molecular diagnostic system will provide rapid diagnosis of pathogen infection and contribute to precision medicine.

Project end date: 07/31/17

Publication date: 
January 30, 2017
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