BPN741: Programmable Gyroscope Test Platform


This project aims to develop a compact and self-contained universal test platform for DSP-based control of MEMS gyroscopes and resonant sensors. Many operating modes require features not available in off-the-shelf laboratory instruments, and it is difficult to perform sensor testing and validation with laboratory test equipment due to size and power constraints. We have implemented a multi- channel digital lock-in amplifier in FPGA hardware, providing PLLs, modulators, demodulators, filters, and the capability to add custom functionality. Software-based baseband DSP allows sophisticated control algorithms to be easily implemented and tested. The main system board provides data conversion for sense and drive signals at sampling rates up to 2 MHz, as well as flexible power and biasing options to the sensor daughterboard. The system interfaces to a PC for algorithm development and data acquisition, and can also operate autonomously.

Project end date: 08/13/14

Oleg I. Izyumin
Publication date: 
February 1, 2014
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