BPN737: Graphene-Based Microliter-Scale Microbial Fuel Cells


Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) are energy harvesters that use the anaerobic respiration of microorganisms to generate electricity. With the increase in demand for micro-scale, low power output energy harvesters over the last five years, microliter-scale microbial fuel cells (µMFCs) have received a great deal of scientific interest. Previously, researchers have operated these fuel cells under controlled anodic conditions to attain high current densities and columbic efficiencies. However, relatively low power outputs, inadequate working potentials, complex fabrication processes and tedious operating techniques have limited µMFCs from implementation in practical applications. To improve such performance and enhance the practicality of these fuel cells, this project presents new fuel cell architectures, electrode materials, fabrication techniques and operating procedures.

Project end date: 08/26/15

Vishnu Jayaprakash
Publication date: 
February 4, 2015
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