BPN630: Capacitive-Gap Micromechanical Local Oscillator At GHz Frequencies


This project aims to build a MEMS-based on-chip reference oscillator at GHz frequencies. By constructing an array of capacitive transduced micromechanical resonators with extremely small capacitive gaps and high mechanical Q, in conjunction with a low-power CMOS ASIC amplifier, it becomes possible to achieve self-sustained oscillation in a die-level system. The high mechanical Q of these devices, which can reach an extraordinary >40,000 at frequencies up to 3GHz, allows the possibility for unprecedented phase noise performance. Many applications for such high-frequency, low phase-noise oscillators exist, ranging from prosaic mobile communications oscillators, to more exotic uses such as reference clocks for chip-scale atomic clocks.

Project end date: 02/20/13

Tristan O. Rocheleau
Publication date: 
January 30, 2013
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