BPN626: Glucose Energy Harvester for Self-Powering of Remote Distributed Bioanalytical Microsystems


This project focuses on the research aspects concerning the harvesting of energy from glucose in order to power autonomous, self-sustainable MEMS implants by the aid of an abiotically catalyzed micro fuel cell. The results will demonstrate a novel fuel cell architecture that first separates the oxygen at the cathode from the glucose – oxygen mixture present in the body fluid with the aid of diffusion and the use of an oxygen selective catalyst at the cathode. The in vitro prototypes will demonstrate the energy conversion from chemically stored energy (glucose) to electrical energy through an electrochemical process in which the oxygen is reduced at the cathode and the glucose is oxidised at the anode. The complete micro fuel cell will also offer the design tools required towards implementation in a microfabricated implantable prototype.

Project end date: 02/08/12

Uyen P. Do
Publication date: 
August 21, 2011
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