BPN515: Nanoplasmonic Antenna on Hexagonal Mirror Array for SERS


In recent years, SERS has been researched actively in order to develop label-free chemical, biological, medical, or environmental detections. This project addresses the SERS enhancement generated through the self-assembly of gold nanoplasmonic particles on a curved hexagonal mirror array to achieve highly sensitive probes. Self ordering anodic aluminum oxide coated with a thin layer of gold will serve as the curved hexagonal mirror array as well as a template for the self assembly of the nanoparticles. The SERS substrates utilize coupling between the continuous metal, mirror film and the regularly arrayed nanoparticles to generate a mirror effect, which drastically enhances the Raman signal. As a result this system is a promising candidate for label-free detections.

Project end date: 02/02/10

Publication date: 
August 27, 2009
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