BPN446: AlN Piezo: Monolithic Acoustic RF MEMS Modules


The goal of this research is the development of RF modules for wireless applications equipped with acoustic MEMS based filters and oscillators. Using CMOS compatible post-processes the acoustic components are to be fabricated directly on circuitry. In order to justify the increased complexity of such a module besides the advantage of size and cost, this will require a performance comparable to existing modules. Therefore the greatest challenges concerning the acoustic MEMS filters are lowering the insertion loss and increasing the bandwidth. The most important issue for oscillators addressed in this project is the temperature compensation in order to improve distortion of the phase noise introduced due to a PLL based compensation.

Project end date: 02/03/09

Jan H. Kuypers
Publication date: 
August 12, 2008
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BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
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