BPN407: Modular-Based Integration of CMOS Chip with Microfluidics for Immunosensing


The project aims to develop an integration method for CMOS chip and microfluidics, specifically for immunosensing system with microfluidic system for sample preparation and CMOS magnetic sensor for detection. Solving the size mismatch between CMOS chip (typically mm scale) and microfluidics (cm scale) while maintaining the functionality and interconnect metallization of CMOS, as well as seamlessly delivery the fluid to the sensor surface on the CMOS chip through microfluidics are the key considerations for the integration. On the other hand, the integrated biosensor will be a disposable device, the material and process used for integration must be economical and suitable for high-volume manufacturing.

Project end date: 01/30/09

Publication date: 
August 19, 2008
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