BPN358: Micromechanical Transmit Filter


The ever-increasing appetite for wireless interconnectivity is beginning to drive new functions, like frequency gating spectrum analysis, that in turn drive a need for GHz resonators with si-multaneous high Q (>30,000) and low impedance (<200 Ohm). No single on-chip resonator device can deliver such performance in this frequency range to date. To achieve simultaneous high Q and low impedance, either the impedance of capacitive resonators must be lowered, or the Q's of piezoelectric resonators must be raised. This project investigates methods for increasing quality factor of piezoelectric resonators via capacitive-piezo transducers and Q-boosting circuit, and has demonstrated Q's greater than 10,000 and higher than reported for any other sputtered AlN d31-piezoelectric micromechanical resonator have been demonstrated for the first time.

Project end date: 08/19/11

Publication date: 
February 2, 2011
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