BPN349: MEMS Tunable Micro-optical Resonator


Microring and microdisk resonators are key components to realize silicon monolithic optoelectronic devices because they have the potential of integration with current CMOS electronic devices. The applications include most wavelength-division-multiplexing photonic circuits, such as optoelectronic transceivers, wavelength filters, add-drop multiplexers, optical delay lines, and group velocity dispersion compensators. Furthermore, in order to achieve dynamic switching functions, tunable capability is desired. Here we propose a tunable microring resonator with integrated MEMS actuators, which control the power coupling between optical waveguides and microring resonators. By tuning the gap between the waveguide and microring, it can be operated in four different coupling regimes – uncoupling, under-coupling, critical coupling, and over-coupling.

Project end date: 01/22/08

Ming-Chun (Jason) Tien
Publication date: 
August 8, 2007
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