BPN334: Light-actuated Electrokinetics for Biomolecular Analysis


This project explores the use of novel optofluidic technologies such as optoelectronic tweezers (OET) and optoelectrowetting (OEW) for manipulation and analysis of biomolecules. Optoelectronic tweezers is an optical manipulation method for manipulating cells, bioparticles and other types of particles. In addition to being non-invasive, dynamic, and reconfigurable, OET provides several advantages over conventional optical manipulation methods including lower optical intensity and larger working area. Light-actuated digital microfluidics or optoelectrowetting is a method for dynamic, flexible, and large-scale manipulation of discrete droplets using light-activated electrodes. Here, we will explore the use of OET/OEW technologies for manipulation and analysis of DNA and other biomolecules for various applications such as molecular diagnostics, purification, and analysis.

Project end date: 08/19/11

Publication date: 
February 14, 2011
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