BPN317: Direct-Write Piezoelectric PVDF Nanogenerator via Near-Field Electrospinning


This project aims to study energy conversion and actuation properties of a new architecture electrospun piezoelectric nanofibers. It presents interesting potentials in various applications including power scavenge, sensing and actuation. Conceptually, we propose an in-situ stretching and poling process for the production of piezoelectric PVDF nanofibers using the "continuous near-field-electrospinning" process. Preliminary results conclude that location and pattern deposition control of continuous NFES are achievable for large area depositions of nanofibers. In this project, we will investigate the process protocols of electrospun piezoelectric PVDF nanofibers, including studies on the viscosity, conductivity and surface tension of the polymer solution, applied electrical field, tip diameter of the spinneret, the size of the droplet, and ambient parameters including temperature, humidity and air velocity to have controllable deposition of PVDF, optimal piezoelectric energy conversion efficiency, and a large area energy harvester demonstration. Initial actuation behaviors of the PVDF nanofiber are also demonstrated.

Project end date: 08/16/12

Michael Dommer
Publication date: 
January 31, 2012
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