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Accelerating the MEMS Design Process via Deep Learning Ruiqi Guo 2022
Aging Measurement of MEMS-Based Oscillators Sherwin A. Afshar 2021
Antenna Considerations for Wireless Resoswitch Receivers Kevin H. Zheng 2023
Bit Rate-Adapting Resoswitch Qiutong Jin 2022
BLISS: Berkeley Low-Cost Interplanetary Solar Sail Alexander Alvara 2021
Defect-Induced Piezoelectricity in Silicon Zihuai Zhang 2023
Dynamic Spectrum Optoelectronics with Black Phosphorus Hyungjin Kim 2021
Enhancement and Restoration of MEMS Resonators Via UV Ozone QianYi Xie 2021
High-Performance Mid-Infrared Optoelectronics Naoki Higashitarumizu 2023
Highly Multicolored Light-Emitting Arrays for Spectral Sensing Vivian Wang 2022
Hybrid Nanomaterials for Gas Sensing Applications Yaprak Ozbakir 2023
Image Classification Using Delay-Based Optoelectronic Reservoir Computing Philip L. Jacobson 2021
Integrated Photonics for Scalable Trapped Ion Quantum Computing Daniel Klawson 2023
Machine Learning for Microsystem Control Nathan Lambert 2022
MBRL for Micro-Robot Control: Evolution of Gaits and Implementation on SCuM Yichen Liu 2023
Metal Oxide Heterostructure Nanowires for Gas Sensing Applications Sikai Zhao 2021
Microlens Input/Output Couplers for Silicon Photonic Chips Jianheng Luo 2022
Mixed-Dye ZIF-8-Based Colorimetric Carbon Dioxide Sensing for Robust Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Adrian K. Davey 2022
Ordered Porous RGO/SnO2 Thin Films for Ultrasensitive Humidity Detection Zhou Li 2022
Packaging of Si Photonic MEMS Switches Johannes Henriksson 2022