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BSAC Research Review Presentation Archive

Title Author Year
Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers based on Sputtered KNN Fan Xia 2024
Wearable Sweat Sensors with High-Throughput Fabrication Noelle Davis 2024
AuREO for 3D MEMS and CMOS Integration Yichen Liu 2024
In-Situ Gap-Based Temperature Sensor for MEMS Resonator Temperature Compensation Xintian Liu 2024
3D Printing and Processing of High-Performance Piezoelectric for Transducer and Sensor Applications Haotian Lu 2024
Observation of Interface Piezoelectricity in Silicon Haoxin Zhou 2024
Towards Large-Scale Optical Switches Enabled by the Integration of Opto-Electro-Mechanical Devices in Commercial Arkadev Roy 2024
An Open-Loop Electrochemical Sensing Readout Circuit for In Vivo Monitoring Employing Structure-Switching Aptamers Ya-Chen (Justine) Tsai 2024
Self-Labeling for 3D Object Detection Philip L. Jacobson 2023
Gated Photoluminescence of Colloidal Quantum Dots I K M Reaz Rahman 2023
Push-Pull Resoswitch Receiver Qiutong Jin 2023
Potentials of In-Cabin CO2 Sensing to Prevent Hot Car Death Anthony Hon 2023
Coffee Ring Plasmonic Biosensing Kamyar Behrouzi 2023
Custom Wireless Sensor Networks and the Tapeout Class Daniel Lovell 2023
Programmable Photonic Crystal Arrays Yu-Lung Tang 2023
Antenna Considerations for Wireless Resoswitch Receivers Kevin H. Zheng 2023
Integrated Photonics for Scalable Trapped Ion Quantum Computing Daniel Klawson 2023
Defect-Induced Piezoelectricity in Silicon Zihuai Zhang 2023
High-Performance Mid-Infrared Optoelectronics Naoki Higashitarumizu 2023
MBRL for Micro-Robot Control: Evolution of Gaits and Implementation on SCuM Yichen Liu 2023