BPN394: QES: Micro LHP Chip Cooling System


Thermal management of high power density electronics is an essential, enabling technology for next generation electronic systems. Phase change is the preferred choice for heat transport solutions because of the ability to absorb large heat fluxes through latent heat. Current technology uses macro- scale capillary driven systems such as Loop Heat Pipes (LHP) and thermosyphons, which are passive devices that have proved to be efficient and reliable. However, these devices do not allow for chip- level integration and do not scale well for future (and even current cutting-edge high-performance) electronic requirements. The goal of the microColumnated Loop Heat Pipe (µcLHP) project is to develop a "thermal ground plane" (analogous to an electronic ground plane) which is a uniform, isothermal substrate for transporting heat away from high power density electronic devices.

Project end date: 01/28/14

Jim C. Cheng
Publication date: 
August 6, 2013
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