Bit Rate-Adapting Resoswitch


A micromechanical resoswitch design and operation mode harnesses stored mechanical
resonance energy to reduce its required switching energy, i.e., improve its sensitivity while
simultaneously reducing its switching time to support a bit rate of 8 kbps, which is at least 12
times faster than without pre-energization. Here, the use of stored energy is instrumental to
achieving switching times 8× faster than previously demonstrated, breaking the Q-driven
sensitivity-bit rate tradeoff often assumed for these devices and debunking long-held (incorrect)
assumptions. This resoswitch actually adapts to the required bit rate, adjusting its switching time
to accommodate a fast or slow rate, greatly expanding the application space.

Keywords: resoswitch, receiver, bit rate, low power, resonator, micromechanical, quality factor

Publication date: 
December 15, 2022
Publication type: 
Conference Paper (Proceedings)

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