APP43: MEMS Rotary Engine Power System (MEMS REPS)


The goal of the MEMS Rotary Engine Power System (MEMS REPS) was designed to be an autonomous, commercially viable, portable power system based on an integrated power generator and rotary internal combustion engine. This engine was designed to generate a continuous power output of 100mW. The design also allows for rapid field implementation in a variety of applications requiring localized power generation in the range of 10-500 mW. Applications include interconnected sensor networks or land warrior power supplies. The MEMS Rotary Engine Power System consisted of several research programs, the progress of which can be seen at: Several individual successes were realized throughout the program and have spawned several new research directions in the MEMS power area and many of these innovations are expected to be used in millimeter scale engine platforms. Unfortunately, our group was unsuccessful in realizing a MEMS scale internal combustion engine system. Some of the key development projects include an integrated electric generator, fuel delivery systems including valves and phase change devices, SiC surface coatings, and thermal packaging.

Project end date: 01/25/06

Publication date: 
January 5, 2006
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BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
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