Lydia Lee

Job title: 
Graduate Student Researcher
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Professor Kristofer S.J. Pister (Advisor)
Ph.D. 2023 (Anticipated)

Lydia received her B.S. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences from UC Berkeley in 2017. She is currently pursuing a PhD in integrated circuits under the supervision of Prof. Kris Pister and is expected to graduate in 2023.

Research interests: 

radiation hardened hardware; agile circuit design; sensor frontends


Projects & Publications

Alex Moreno; Titan Yuan; Yu-Chi Lin; Lydia Lee
BSAC Project Materials (Current), 2023
Alexander Alvara; Lydia Lee; Bhuvan M. Belur
BSAC Project Materials (Current), 2023
Lydia Lee
Research Review Presentations, 2021