Resettable Microfluidics for Broad-Range and Prolonged Sweat Rate Sensing

Wearable sweat sensors are emerging as promising platforms for personalized and real-time tracking of evolving health and fitness parameters. While most wearable sweat sensors focus on tracking biomarker concentration profiles, sweat secretion rate is a key metric with broad implications for assessing hydration, cardiac, and neural conditions. Here we present a wearable microfluidic sensor for continuous sweat rate measurement. A discrete impedimetric sensing scheme relying on interdigitated electrodes within a microfluidic sweat collector allows for precise and selective sweat rate measurement across a broad physiological range. Integration of a manually activated pressure pump to expel sweat from the device prevents sensor saturation and enables continuous sweat rate tracking over hours. By enabling broad range and prolonged sweat rate measurement, this platform tackles a key obstacle to realizing meaningful and actionable sweat sensing for applications in exercise physiology and medicine.
Liam Gillan
Elina Jansson
Annukka Kokkonen
Colm McCaffrey
Jussi Hiltunen
Publication date: 
April 12, 2022
Publication type: 
Journal Article
Bariya, Mallika, et al. "Resettable Microfluidics for Broad-Range and Prolonged Sweat Rate Sensing." ACS sensors 7.4 (2022): 1156-1164.