Ashwin Aggarwal

Job title: 
Graduate Student Researcher
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Professor Ali Javey (Advisor)
M.S. 2023 (Anticipated)

 Ashwin received his B.A. in Computer Science from UC Berkeley in 2022 and is currently pursuing a research-based Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science under the supervision of Ali javey. His research is focused on building novel modalities for capturing sweat rate. In addition, he employs data science techniques and analysis to supplement these sensors. On the side, Ashwin enjoys building websites & mobile applications and playing tennis.


Projects & Publications

Noelle Davis; Ashwin Aggarwal; Sorour Darvishi
BSAC Project Materials (Current), 2023
Ashwin Aggarwal; Manik Dautta; Luis Fernando; Ayala Cardona
BSAC Project Materials (Current), 2023
Manik Dautta; Luis Fernando Ayala-Cardona; Noelle Davis; Ashwin Aggarwal; Jonghwa Park; Shu Wang; Liam Gillan; Elina Jansson; Mikko Hietala; Hyunhyub Ko; Jussi Hiltunen; Ali Javey
Journal Article, 2023