BSAC's Best: Spring 2021 Oral Presentation Winners Announced

March 11, 2021

BSAC would like to thank all of the researchers who presented their research during BSAC's Spring 2021 Research Review, March 1, 4 & 8.

BSAC Industrial Members voted for their favorite oral presentations and the results are in. Please join us in congratulating the winners of the Spring 2021 Best of BSAC honors, Qianyi Xie and Hyungjin Kim!

Watch the Spring 2021 Oral Presentations

QianYi Xie | Clark T.-C. Nguyen Research Group

Performance Enhancement and Restoration of Micromechanical Resonators Via UV-Ozone

Hyungjin Kim

Hyungjin Kim | Ali Javey Research Group

Dynamic Spectrum Optoelectronics With Black Phosphorous