BSAC's Best: Spring 2014 Winners Announced

March 6, 2014

BSAC would like to thank the 170 researchers who presented their work in poster or plenary sessions at the Spring 2014 BSAC Research Review on March 5-6.

50 attending industrial members from 36 member organizations voted for the best presentations and posters, resulting in Best Paper and Best Poster awards (certificate and cash).

 Yipeng Lu
Best Paper

Yipeng Lu | Advisor: Prof. David A. Horsley

High Frequency Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer (PMUT) Assay [BPN628]

 Mitchell Kline

Best Paper

Mitchell Kline | Advisor: Prof. Bernhard E. Boser

Low Power FM Gyroscopes [BPN608]

 Daniel Drew

Best Presenter

Daniel Drew | Advisor: Prof. Kris Pister

Toward MEMS Ionocraft [BPN735]

 Hao-Yen Tang

Best Poster

Hao-Yen Tang, Yipeng Lu | Advisor: Prof. Bernhard E. Boser, Prof. David A. Horsley

Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor Using Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (PMUTs) [BPN722]

 Mehmet Akgul

Best Poster

Mehmet Akgul | Advisor: Prof. Clark T.-C Nguyen

A Micromechanical RF Channelizer [BPN434]