BSAC Technology Seminar: High-Frequency Piezo-MEMS Based Timing Reference

BSAC Technology Seminar Committee

Jonathan Candelaria
Dalene Schwartz Corey
April 8, 2024

Tuesday, 23 April 2024 at Noon | 490 Cory Hall

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Ernest Yen, Texas Instruments

Ernest Yen, Ph.D. (BSAC Alumni)

 Kilby Labs, Texas Instruments
Host: Jonathan Candelaria


Texas Instruments announced its high-frequency BAW technology for timing applications in 2019. This technology enables ultra-low jitter clock and world’s first crystal-less MCU. In this talk, Dr. Ernest Yen will give a brief introduction on various MEMS technologies developed in TI, and then focus on the high-frequency BAW technology. Industry perspectives and challenges to commercialize a MEMS technology will be shared in this talk.


Ernest Yen (Member, IEEE) received the double B.S. degree in electrical engineering and power mechanical engineering from National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, in 2004, the M.S. degree in electrical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA, in 2012, and the Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2012. After his Ph.D. degree, he joined the Kilby Labs, Texas Instruments, Santa Clara, CA, USA, as a MEMS technologist. His research interests include piezoelectric MEMS in RF and sensing applications. He developed the DBAR (dual-Bragg acoustic resonator) in TI, integrated it into several system chips, and commercialized it in 2018. He currently holds an SMTS (senior member, technical staff) title and leads the MEMS R&D Team along with several university research collaborations in the Kilby Labs, focusing on RF MEMS, nano-mechanical circuit, sensors, and advanced package. Dr. Yen is an active reviewer of top MEMS journals, including Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, and Sensors. He is elected as the Vice-Chair of the IEEE SFBA (San Francisco Bay Area) MEMS and Sensor Chapter during 2016–2017. Besides his engineering career, he is also a concert Violinist toured with orchestras across North America, Europe, and Asia. 


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