BSAC Technology Seminar: The Climate Crisis is Here and Now, Damages are Accelerating. BSAC’s Skillsets can Help.

BSAC Technology Seminar Committee

Jonathan Candelaria
Dalene Schwartz Corey
January 23, 2024

Tuesday, 23 January 2024 at Noon | 490 Cory Hall

Watch the seminar recording here.

Dr. Leslie Field

Leslie Field, Ph.D. (BSAC Alum)

Founder & CEO, Bright Ice Initiative, Inc.Lecturer, Stanford University
Host: Jonathan Candelaria


Climate change challenges are multidimensional. Lives, homes, livelihoods, food, water, species, and ecosystems are all at risk. BSAC faculty and students have many of the skills that could help with these challenges.

A few potential examples:

  1. Low-cost, accurate, and widespread sensing can help with prediction and early warning for severe weather events, saving lives by sharing notifications in time to safely evacuate people from areas at high risk.

  2. Increased monitoring and reporting of the earth’s changing conditions can help the public monitor and understand the truth of what’s happening, helping to spread facts instead of disingenuous “fake news” about climate.

  3. Monitoring of safety infrastructure and pollution can be aided by sensors, allowing leaks to be counteracted in time to prevent more harm. 

  4. And lower-energy solutions for some common needs can be enhanced by micro- and nano-technologies.


Dr. Leslie Field earned her BS and MS in Chem E from MIT in 1978 and spent 6 happy years at BSAC, where she earned her MS and PhD in EECS in 1989 and 1991. She worked on removing lead from gasoline at Chevron Research, where her inventions made 2 different billion-dollar impacts, and she worked on MEMS and Microfluidics at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories where she had a key insight that solved a problem that was holding back market entry of a billion dollar inkjet product line. She has started and run 2 successful MEMS consulting companies, including SmallTech Consulting, LLC and 2 non-profits,both focused on preserving ice, a key lever on climate change. Leslie has taught an annual class on Engineering, Entrepreneurship, and Climate Change at Stanford for over a decade, and has over 60 issued patents to her credit.

View her LinkedIn profile for more details on Dr. Field’s work over time.


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