This page is a placeholder for the project material publication upload URL.

Steps to create a BSAC Project Material page:

#1 Navigate to Dasboard>Content>0_TEMPLATE: Publications - Project Material (Current) & "Clone" the page.

#2 Publication title: Follow this format>> BPN###: Your Project Title

#3 Abstract: [Paste your public abstract text]

#4 Author(s):

  • Lead researcher listed first. Name must match the format on the researcher's People page
  • List any additional researchers on their own line

#5 Publication Date: >>forward date 2 years from today's date

#6 Document location:select>> Remote:  Link to file hosted elsewhere

#7 Remote URL: add>> BPNpub

#8 Publication type: select>> BSAC Project Materials (Current)

#9 Topics: check>> your advisor's name, the research area(s) for this project (uncheck>> Internal & Guides)

#10 Citation: add>> PREPUBLICATION DATA - ©University of California 2020

#11 "Save as draft" 

#12 Add project material links; Navigate to "Customize this page" via the "View" tab on your project page (on bottom of the screen)

  • Find the "View Project Materials*" widget and click the gear button:


  • Scroll down to "Links" and replace the 4 URL nodes with the URLs to your project materials (located in the READ ME document in your project folder)
  • Click "Save" in the upper right corner of the widget
  • Click "Save" on the black bar at the bottom of your page

#13 Confirm that all your project information is displayed as expected and that links work

#14 Publish by navigating back to the "Edit" tab on your draft page> scroll to the bottom and click "Publish"

#15 Review by confirming that your page is listed in the Projects directory, in your advisor's group and on your People page