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BSAC is obligated to provide industrial members with access to BSAC research prior to publication. To facilitate, we ask BSAC researchers to upload prospective new publications to BSAC's database when they are submitted to a conference, publisher, or institution. Only BSAC member companies and BSAC researchers have access to view submitted publications prior to the publication date.

Why submit?

  • Ensures your publication will be identified to site visitors on your profile page and publication search.

  • Ensures your publication will be emailed to all Industry Members; more than 100 individuals working (and hiring) in our industry.

  • Significant papers may be promoted (links from within our site and from other sites; in extraordinary cases, press releases may be issued announcing publication).

Keep in Mind

  • Prepublication?  Prepublication of abstracts are allowed occasionally. If in doubt, check with your advisor, the publication’s rules, or the editor. BSAC will not link the PDF file until after the publication date.

  • Copyright? Explicit permission from the copyright owner is required to post a copy of an article on the BSAC website. This applies to professional journal articles. This does not apply to articles for which our researchers prepare the text illustrations, figures, etc. because we own the copyright (jointly with the publication).  For trade-press and magazine ghost-authored papers which are re-written by the publication from our source material, we cannot publish without the permission of the publication.

  • Patent Bars? If rule #1 above is followed, no further consequences result from listing the publication on the website. Be aware that the publication of an enabling description prior to the patent filing, negates patent rights in many countries. The publication of non-enabling abstracts is OK. To preserve U.S. patentability, make sure a patent application (with claims) has been filed before the publication date. Contact, or visit the Office of Technology Licensing, if in doubt.

BSAC Funding Attribution

We ask that publications resulting from BSAC-funded research include the following statement in the acknowledgments and/or Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center, Berkeley, CA USA in the authors’ affiliation: 

"This material is based upon work supported by the Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center (BSAC).”

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