Hossein Najafi

Job title: 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Professor Bernhard E. Boser
Ph.D. 2022
Professor Ali Niknejad (Advisor)
Professor Mekhail Anwar (Advisor)

Hossein completed his B.S. in Electrical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology at Tehran, focusing on RF and communication circuits, in February of 2016. He started his MS/PhD program in Electrical Engineering at UC Berkeley in Fall 2016, with a focus on INC (Integrated circuits). His research currently includes developing an intraoperative imaging system for breast and prostate cancer tumor resection operations using up-converting nanoparticles and high speed CMOS imagers.

Research interests: 
Integrated circuit design for biomedical applications and biomedical imaging - RF/mm-wave/THz design

Job Interests:  Industry R&D, West/East cost, Biomedical and/or communication-related systems designs.