Using Neural Dust to Eavesdrop on our Organs - BSAC Co-Director Michel Maharbiz's TedMED 2020 Talk

March 3, 2020

In today's world of wearables, we have begun to receive information about our bodies in real time, and with relative ease. What if we could take this a step further to not only track our health rate or burnt calories, but to understand organ function? Extreme Miniaturization Engineer Michel Maharbiz is actively working to make this a reality. As a co-inventor of "neural dust," Michel uses an ultrasonic interface of millimeter-scale implants to get a closer look at organs in real time. With a miniature lens into the body, we will be able to understand how our habits affect organ function on a daily basis. In doing so, we can build healthy habits, easily share our health status with providers, and make waves in the progress of preventative health care.

Using neural dust and extreme miniaturization techniques, Michel allows us to observe organs like never before. Watch his TEDMED 2020 Talk, "Using neural dust to eavesdrop on our organs," to learn how a tiny new window into the human body could redefine the future of human health.

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