BSAC's Best: Fall 2011 Winners Announced

September 23, 2011

BSAC would like to thank the 170 researchers who presented their work in poster or plenary sessions at the Fall 2011 BSAC Research Review on September 21-23.

70 attending industrial members from 32 member organizations voted for the best presentations and posters, resulting in Best Paper and Best Poster awards (certificate and cash).

 Frank Myers
Best Paper

Frank Myers | Advisor: Prof. Luke P. Lee

An Integrated Microsystem for Electrophysiology-Activated Cell Sorting (EPACS) [BPN512]

 Tristian Rocheleau

Best Paper

Tristian Rocheleau | Advisor: Prof. Clark T.-C. Nguyen

Capacitive-Gap Micromechanical Local Oscillator At GHz Frequencies [BPN630]

 Ernest Ting-Ta Yen

Best Poster

Ernest Ting-Ta Yen | Advisor: Prof. Albert P. Pisano

HEaTS: AIN Narrowband RF Filters [BPN369]

 Karen E. Grutter

Best Poster

Karen E. Grutter | Advisor: Prof. Ming C. Wu

Optomechanical Oscillators and Silica-Based Bandwidth Tunable Filters [BPN498]