BSAC Spring 2017 Research Review Presentations

March 10, 2017

Energy Harvesting Tutorials*

Prof. Liwei Lin, Tutorial Energy Harvesting(4.04 MB)
Prof. Richard M. White, Tutorial Energy Harvesting (890.18 KB)

Faculty Proposals*

Dr. Mike Cable, Welcome/Intro (2.24 MB)
Prof. Clark T.-C. Nguyen, Fully Integrated CMOS-MEMS Wireless Transceiver (101.62 KB)
Prof. Liwei Lin, Printed Flexible Sensors, Actuators and Energy Harvesters (2.15 MB)
Prof. Kristofer S.J. Pister, Autonomous Microrobots (2.76 MB)
Prof. Ming C. Wu, MEMS-Enabled LIDAR, Sensors, and Switches (3.29 MB)
Prof. Dorian Liepmann, Hybrid Plastic MEMS Devices (1.91 MB)
Prof. Richard M. White, Particulate-Matter Monitor with Speciation (23.61 MB)

Research Review Posters & Plenary*

Plenary 1: Hyun Sung Park Solution-Processed Transparent Conductive Oxides(TCOs) and Oxide Semiconductors(1.57 MB)
Plenary 2: Dr. Youmin Wang MEMS-Actuated Grating-based Optical Phased Array for LIDAR (17.78 MB)
Plenary 3: Joshua Kay Wearable Ultrasound System for Wireless Neural Recording(8.53 MB)
Plenary 4: Tatsuo Hariyama Low-Cost VCSEL FMCW LIDAR for High Accuracy Ranging (1.09 MB)
Plenary 5: Ameya Rao Ordered Hollow Metal Oxide Nanostructures for Miniaturized Gas Sensors(6.66 MB)
Plenary 6: Yuri Kusano Bioinspired Spiral-Shaped Acoustic Resonators for MEMS Microphones (2.49 MB)
Plenary 7: Filip Maksimovic Radios Don't Need Crystals (824.89 KB)
Plenary 8: Jalal Naghsh Nilchi Sub-20nm Gap Capacitive-Transduced Disk Resonator(2.59 MB)
Plenary 9: Daniel Drew First Takeoff of a Flying Microrobot With No Moving Parts(27.08 MB)
Plenary 10: Dr. James Bullock Dopant-free Contacts for Si Solar Cells (1.67 MB)
Plenary 11: Bochao Lu Cytokine Fast Detection (1.09 MB)

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