BSAC Spring 2010 Research Review Presentations

March 11, 2010

Wireless Energy Monitoring and Management Presentations*

Dr. Peter Hartwell, HP Labs: CeNSE: The Central Nervous System for the Earth (1.39 MB)
Dr. Clifford Federspiel, Federspiel Controls: Optimal Energy Management with Intelligent, Wireless Control (316.76 KB)
Prof. Kris Pister, Session Overview & State of the WSN Industry (91.11 KB)
Ron Hofmann, California Institute for Energy and Environment (1.34 MB)
Greg W. LaFramboise, Chevron Energy Technology Center: Deployment of Large-Scale WSNs at the Chevron Richmond Refinery (127.39 KB)
Dr. Igor Paprotny, Self-powered MEMS Sensors for Measuring Electrical Quantities in Residential, Commercial, Distribution and Transmission Power Systems (390.81 KB)
Bob Friday, Cisco Systems: The Convergence of Electrical and Communication Networks (3.12 MB)
Dr. Thomas Watteyne, OpenWSN: Open-Source Standards-Based Protocol Stacks for Wireless Mesh Networks (782.57 KB)

Technology Thrust Symposium: MEMS Metrology Presentations*

Prof. David Horsley, Metrology for Acoustic MEMS (283.28 KB)
Prof. Clark Nguyen, Characterization of Resonators & Resonating Networks (1.71 MB)
Dr. Christian Rembe, Head of Development Optics/Physics, Polytec GmbH: Commercial MEMS Metrology Tools: Microsystems Analyzers (891.69 KB)
Prof. Bernhard Boser, Metrology for Microfluidics and BioMEMS (549.89 KB)
Prof. Dorian Liepmann, Metrology for Microfluidics and BioMEMS (244.43 KB)
Prof. Ming Wu, Metrology for Optical MEMS(1.53 MB)
Prof. Clark Nguyen, MEMS Metrology User Laboratory at BSAC - A Vision (62.38 KB)

Research Review Presentations*

John Huggins, Welcome & Intro to the Session (473.75 KB)
Amit Lakhani, Subwavelength-Scale Semiconductor Nanolaser (474.22 KB)
Rehan Kapadia, Semiconductor Nanopillar Arrays for Efficient Photovoltaics and Photodetectors(308.03 KB)
Dr. Ramin Banan-Sadeghian, A Gas Sensor Based on Tunneling Field Ionization on Tailored Nanoneedle Arrays (645.88 KB)
Matt Thompson, Parametrically-Amplified Lorentz-Force Magnetometer (551.66 KB)
Dr. Mischa Megens, Microfluidic Bioassays with Not-Quite-Superparamagnetic Microspheres (198.94 KB)
Brendan Turner, Nature-Inspired Au-CNT Structures for Plasmonic Applications(794.81 KB)
Yingqi Jiang, CNT-Based MEMS Supercapacitors (1.11 MB)
Erika Parra, Biomass-Powered Energy Harvesting (824.22 KB)
Ryan Xie, In-Cylinder Flame Ionization Sensor for Combustion Monitoring (290.06 KB)
Ernest (Ting-Ta) Yen, Aluminum Nitride RF Components for Wireless Harsh Environment Telemetry(562.53 KB)
Prof. Ali Javey, Synthetic Electronic Materials for Large-Area, Energy Efficient Applications (1.17 MB)
Travis Massey, Protocol-Agnostic Compression for Resource-Constrained Wireless Networks (691.19 KB)
Li-Wen Hung, A New Transducer for Micromechanical Resonators (1.69 MB)
Thura Lin Naing, Fully Integrated Micromechanical Resonator Reference Oscillator (573.46 KB)
John Huggins, End Session (50.45 KB)

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