BSAC Fall 2019 Research Review Presentations

September 18, 2019

Lab Tour Overview*

Dr. Mike Cable, Executive Director - BSAC Welcome and Tour Overview (1001.17 KB)

Research Review Posters & Plenary*

Dr. Mike Cable, Executive Director - Welcome to Research Review (1.57 MB)
Shiekh Zia Uddin - Javey Lab: Near-Unity Photoluminescence Quantum Yield in Defective 2D Semiconductors by Electrostatic Counterdoping (1.16 MB)
QianYi Xie - Nguyen Lab: Capacitive-PIezoelectric Resonators (1.31 MB)
Alyssa Zhou - Maharbiz Lab: Charge Pumping with Finger Capacitance for Body Energy Harvesting(1.63 MB)
Siyi Cheng - Maboudian Lab: Non-Enzymatic Electrochemical Sensors Based on Wearable Carbon Textile (1.58 MB)
Late News: Liwei Lin Lab Self-healing and Ion-conducting Sensing and Energy Storage Material(917.85 KB)
Jean-Etienne Tremblay - Wu Lab: Optical and Electrical Packaging of Large Scale, Parallel Photonic Circuits (10.62 MB)
Brian Kilberg - Pister Lab: Accurate Localization of Single-Chip uMote (30.92 MB)
Dr. Youngseop Lee - Lee Lab: Nanoplasmonic PCR Chip for Rapid Precision Molecular Diagnostics(3.93 MB)
Renxiao Xu - Lin Lab: Untethered Soft Robots With Bioinspired Bone-and-flesh Constructs For Fast Deterministic Actuation(7.12 MB)
Hossein Najafi - Boser Lab: An Ultra-Thin Molecular Imaging Skin for Intraoperative Cancer Detection Using Time-Resolved CMOS Sensors (1.51 MB)
Dr. Filip Maksimovic - Pister Lab: Power, Ground, and Antenna: Three-Pin Chips for Standards Compatible Wireless Networks(4.24 MB)

BSAC Ph.D. Candidate Showcase*

Ph.D. Candidate Showcase: XU (324.64 KB)
Ph.D. Candidate Showcase: TREMBLAY(358.37 KB)
Ph.D. Candidate Showcase: SWEET (1.05 MB)
Ph.D. Candidate Showcase: HAYASAKA(448.24 KB)
Ph.D. Candidate Showcase: DELACRUZ(503.74 KB)

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