BSAC Fall 2018 Research Review Presentations

September 20, 2018

Faculty Research Overview*

Dr. Mike Cable, BSAC Executive Director(521.29 KB)
Dr. Bill Flounders, NanoLab Executive Director (2.38 MB)

Research Review Posters & Plenary*

Dr. Mike Cable, Executive Director, Welcome (3.06 MB)
Plenary 1: Xiang Gao - MABOUDIAN Lab, Metal-Organic Frameworks as Sensing Layers in Chemically Sensitive Field Effect Transistors (1017.65 KB)
Plenary 2: Eric Sweet - LIN Lab, 3D Microfluidics via Additive Manufacturing: Chaotic Fluidic Mixing and Gradient Generation in Three Dimensions (2.16 MB)
Plenary 3: QianYi Xie - NGUYEN Lab, Isolating the Intrinsic Material Q of Sputtered AlN (1.34 MB)
Plenary 4: David Burnett - PISTER Lab, SCuM-3: The Single-Chip micro Mote (1.98 MB)
Plenary 5: Efthymios Philip Papageorgiou - BOSER Lab, Chip-Scale Fluorescence Microscope (2.43 MB)
Plenary 6: SoonGweon Hong - LEE Lab, Integrated Microfluidic Platforms for Drug Discovery Models (2.14 MB)
Plenary 7: Mallika Bariya - JAVEY Lab, Wearable Sweat Sensors (1 MB)
Plenary 8: Johannes Henriksson - WU Lab, Highly Scalable Silicon Photonic MEMS Devices (1.34 MB)
Plenary 9: Arda Ozilgen - MAHARBIZ Lab, Wireless Sub-Millimeter Temperature Sensor for Continuous Temperature Monitoring in Tissue (1000.29 KB)
Plenary 10: Ray (Guo-Lun) Luo - HORSLEY Lab, Immersion PMUTs Fabricated with a Low Thermal-Budget Surface Micromachining Process (907.59 KB)

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