BSAC Fall 2016 Research Review Presentations

September 29, 2016

Faculty Research Overview & Tutorial*

Prof. David A. Horsley, Tutorial: Ultrasonic Transducers in Consumer Electronics (6.27 MB)
Dr. Wei Gao, Wearable Sweat Biosensors(23.77 MB)
Ming C. Wu Lab Overview (9.15 MB)
Richard M. White Lab Research Overview(1.08 MB)
Kris Pister Lab Overview (2.28 MB)
Clark T.-C. Nguyen Lab Research Overview(6.76 MB)
Michel M. Maharbiz Lab Research Overview(2.07 MB)
Roya Maboudian Lab Research Overview(7.05 MB)
Liwei Lin Lab Research Overview (811.15 KB)
Dorian Liepmann Lab Research Overview(2.88 MB)
Ali Javey Lab Research Overview (3.97 MB)
David A. Horsley Lab Research Overview(1.77 MB)
Bernhard E. Boser Lab Research Overview(1.39 MB)

Research Review Posters & Plenary*

Dr. Mike Cable - Open Session (1.34 MB)
Plenary 1: Dr. Sinem Ortaboy - Functionalized Silicon Nanowires as High-Performance Supercapacitor Electrodes(7.85 MB)
Plenary 2: Dr. Kiana Aran Graphene Biosensors: From Functionalization to Sensing (1.24 MB)
Plenary 3: Joy (Xiaoyue) Jiang - PMUTs for Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensors (2.58 MB)
Plenary 4: Seth Fortuna - Antenna-enhanced LEDs for High Speed Optical Communication (3.05 MB)
Plenary 5: Dr. Jeronimo Segovia-Fernandez - Towards a Sub-microwatt Microphone for Signal Detection (1.09 MB)
Plenary 6: Caiwei Shen - Supercapacitor Fabrics (5.78 MB)
Plenary 7: Ruonan Liu - RF-Powered Micromechanical Clock Generator (5.75 MB)
Plenary 8: Burak Eminoglu - FM Gyroscope(2.59 MB)
Plenary 9: Dr. Hossain Mohammad Fahad - CS-FET: Chemical Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (2.25 MB)
Plenary 10: Brad Wheeler - Micro-Power Radios for The Single-Chip Mote (1.09 MB)
Plenary 11: David Piech - Highly Integrated, Compact Wearable Ultrasound System for Chronic Biosensing (849.79 KB)

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