BSAC Fall 2015 Research Review Presentations

October 1, 2015

Faculty Research Overviews*

Bernhard E. Boser (9.88 MB)
David A. Horsley (2.51 MB)
Ali Javey (7.67 MB)
Clark T.-C. Nguyen (2.47 MB)
Dorian Liepmann (3.01 MB)
Luke P. Lee (171.47 KB)
Liwei Lin (12.54 MB)
Kris Pister (2.18 MB)
Roya Maboudian (4.69 MB)
Richard M. White (369.1 KB)
Ming C. Wu (1.19 MB)

Research Review Posters & Plenary*

John Huggins, Open Session (1.8 MB)
The Berkeley Marvell Nanofabrication Laboratory (232.07 KB)
Biomolecular Nanotechnology Center (BNC)(346.8 KB)
Award Banquet (167.95 KB)
Dr. Janusz Bryzek Keynote Speaker TSensors Initiative: a Bridge between Abundance, IoT and mHealth (7.64 MB)
Plenary 1: Camilo Diaz-Botia - Silicon Carbide-Based Electrocorticography Arrays for Chronic Implantation (1.53 MB)
Plenary 2: Kathryn Fink - A MEMS Microfluidic Analysis of Vertebrate Blood Cell Characteristics(1.35 MB)
Plenary 3: Daniel Contreras - First Steps Toward a MEMS Walking Robot (1.98 MB)
Plenary 4: Phillip Sandborn - 3D Integrated LADAR (947.85 KB)
Plenary 5: Hao-Yen Tang - 3-D Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor on a Chip (3.56 MB)
Plenary 6: Sina Akhbari - High-Efficiency CMOS-Compatible Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer (1.72 MB)
Plenary 7: Jalal Naghsh Nilchi - 7th Order Sharp Roll-Off Bridged Micromechanical Filter (2.28 MB)
Plenary 8: Hu Long - Low Power Microheater-Based Platform for Gas Sensing (551.32 KB)
Plenary 9: Dr. Sam Emaminejad - Fully-Integrated Wearable Sensor Arrays for Multiplexed In-Situ Perspiration Analysis (1 MB)
Plenary 10: Parsa Taheri-Tehrani, A Single-Structure 3-Axis MEMS Vibratory Gyroscope with Reduced Drive-Force Coupling (6.27 MB)
Plenary 11: Dr. Chen Yang, 3D-Printed Microelectronics for Integrated Circuitry and Passive Wireless Sensors (10.41 MB)

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