BSAC Co-Director, Professor Roya Maboudian Named 2019-2020 Bakar Fellow

June 1, 2019

The Bakar Fellows Program at UC Berkeley fosters faculty entrepreneurship in the STEM+ fields including Engineering, Computer Science, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Architecture. On a competitive basis, Bakar Fellows are awarded discretionary research support to mature & translate their ground-breaking discoveries and innovations into commercial solutions. Started in 2012, the Bakar Fellows Program enriches Berkeley by supporting entrepreneurial faculty & their research groups.

UC Berkeley ranks in the Top 2 universities for serial founders and for VC-backed start-ups (Pitchbook). We rank #3 for women-led, VC-backed start-ups (Pitchbook) and as the #3 most entrepreneurial university (Forbes). Over the last decade, UC Berkeley spin-out companies are estimated to have raised more than $14B (Pitchbook), positively impacting the California, US, and global economies.

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