Research Highlights


Liwei Lin Lab, Insect-Scale Fast Moving and Ultrarobust Soft Robot

Liwei Lin Lab, Piezoelectric Patch Adding Touch to Virtual and Augmented Reality

Ming Wu Lab, Largest, fastest array of microscopic 'traffic cops' for optical communications

Liwei Lin Lab, Self-Assembly of Large-Area Two-Dimensional Polycrystalline Transition Metal Carbides for Hydrogen Electrocatalysis

Kris Pister Lab, Microrobots fly, walk and jump into the future

Liwei Lin Lab, Origami Electronics Using Cheap, Foldable Paper

Michel Maharbiz: StimDust, tiny nerve stimulator gains sophistication

Prof. Ali Javey: Atomically thin LED opens possibility of &invisible& displays

Prof. Dorian Liepmann Lab, MucoJet

Hossain Fahad/Prof. Ali Javey: Nanochip Gas Sensors Promise Personal Air Quality Monitors in Our Pockets

Ultrasound 3-D sensing tech for improved gesture recognition - CES 2016   

Ali Javey's Research Team and Sweat Sensors   

Liwei Lin, 3D-printed ‘smart cap’ uses electronics to sense spoiled food   

David Horsley, Fingerprint Sensor on KCBS    Your browser does not support the audio element.

Ali Javey: coming to a monitor near you: a defect-free, molecule-thick film

David Horsley: Ultrasound Sensors Dig Deeper Into Your Fingerprints and Fat

Tingye Li Innovation Prize: Largest-Scale Silicon Photonic Switch   Tae Joon Seok / Ming C. Wu

Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship 2015: Behnam Behroozpour(advisor Prof. Bernhard Boser) and Phillip Sandborn (advisor Prof. Ming Wu)

Materials Research Society (MRS) Outstanding Young Investigator Award   Ali Javey

Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies   Michel M. Maharbiz

Programmable Photo-Actuators   Ali Javey

Smart Bandages to Track Wounds Through Healing   Michel M. Maharbiz

Neural dust to monitor brain from inside

BSAC Air Ultrasound Captures
The Imagination and Generates Another Startup

Haw Yang & Liwei Lin: Nano-thermometers show first temperature response differences within living cells

The Boy Who Commanded Robots

Richard White: Stick-On Wireless Circuit Breaker Current Monitoring

Luke P. Lee: SIMBAS, self-powered chips that can diagnose diseases within minutes

Michel M. Maharbiz and Hirotaka Sato: Cyborg Beetles (Scientific American)

Ali Javey in IEEE Spectrum: Synthetic Skin Sensitive to the Lightest Touch

Luke P. Lee: Biologically-Inspired Grey Water Reuse and Thermal Energy Management

Liwei Lin: Nanogenerators could lead to Electric Clothing HTML | KRON4 News (video) | Future of Clothing (video) | LA Times | Science News

Kris Pister: SMART DUST aims to monitor everything

Ali Javey: "Nano scientist with big aspirations

Luke Lee: Nano-Coral Targets Cancer Cells

Kris Pister and Thomas Watteyne: Smarter Cities Through Standards-based Wireless Sensor Networks

Clark Nguyen: Radios With Micromachined Resonators

Michel Maharbiz: the Cyborg Beetle included in the 50 Best Inventions of 2009

Ali Javey: "Top Researchers Under 35" Technology Review

Michel Maharbiz: Study Mimics Plants to Produce Electricity

Ali Javey: Hybrid Inorganic/Organic Nanowire Forests

Ali Javey: A First In Integrated Nanowire Sensor Circuitry

Ali Javey: Nanowire lawns make for sheets of image sensors

Ming Wu: BSAC Nature Photonics Cover Story

Ernest Ting-Ta Yen, Maker of resonators