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Spring 2018 IAB & Research Review
March 7 -9, UC Berkeley, CA

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Wednesday March 7 - Faculty Research Overview

[video - bytes]   PDF FormatProf. Kristofer S.J. Pister Autonomous Microsystems: Pister Lab Research Overview (50.04 KB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatProf. Liwei Lin, Research Overview (15.74 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatProf. Bernhard E. Boser, Research Overview (2.15 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatProf. Ming C. Wu, Si Photonics, MEMS, LiDAR (12.84 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatProf. Michel M. Maharbiz, Research Overview (5.7 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatProf. Clark T.-C. Nguyen, Research Overview (3.66 MB)

Thursday March 8 - Research Review Posters & Plenary (Members ONLY)

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[video - bytes]   PDF FormatDr. Mike Cable, Executive Director - Welcome (1.59 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatKyoungtae Lee - Maharbiz Lab, CMOS based 128X128 Proton Dosimeter Array in 65 nm LP Process for Proton Beam Therapy (601.15 KB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatLeslie Chan - Maboudian Lab, Transfer-Free Synthesis of Graphene on Insulating Substrates (1.66 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatHani Gomez - Pister Lab, Zero Insertion Force MEMS Socket for Microrobotics Assembly (5.37 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatKieran Peleaux - Nguyen Lab, UHF Micromechanical Filter Design (1.67 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatBenjamin Eovino - Lin Lab, Dual-Electrode Bimorph Ring-Shaped PMUTs: Design and Applications (6.69 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatDr. Burak Eminoglu - Boser Lab, Chopped Rate-to-Digital FM Gyroscope (1.72 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatJodi Loo - Wu Lab, Light-Actuated Digital Microfluidics using Optoelectrowetting (OEW) (19.35 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatDr. Der-Hsien Lien - Javey Lab, Large-Area Processing of Monolayer Semiconductors for Lighting Applications (1.36 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatQi Wang - Horsley Lab, Surface Micromachining Process for High Fill-Factor PMUT Arrays (3.03 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatDr. Doyeon Bang - Lee Lab, Nanofocusing of Asymmetric Nanocrescent Antenna and Applications (12.18 MB)
[video - bytes]   PDF FormatHuiliang Liu - Lin Lab, Late News: Label-free AC Sensing by a Graphene Transistor for 100-ppb Formaldehyde in Air (1.84 MB)


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