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PDF FormatDr. Youmin Wang - Prof. WU lab, Optical Phased Array for LiDAR Applications (3.21 MB)
PDF FormatTravis Massey - Prof. Maharbiz Lab, A High-Density Carbon Fiber Neural Recording Array Technology (57.96 MB)
PDF FormatSeminar Series: David Gardner - Prof. Roya Maboudian's research lab, Advances in Nanomaterials for Low-power Gas Sensing (2.41 MB)
PDF FormatSeminar Series: Marc Chooljian - Prof. Dorian Liepmann Lab, Putting the Lab Back on the Chip: Active Sensing and Flow Control in Plastic Microfluidic Devices (1.85 MB)
PDF FormatSeminar Series: Qi Wang - Prof. David Horsley Lab, Optimized Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (2.37 MB)
PDF FormatSeminar Series: Dr. SoonGweon Hong - Prof. Luke Lee Lab, New Drug Discovery Platforms and Organ-on-a-Chip Models (5.52 MB)
PDF FormatSeminar Series: Yumeng Liu - Prof. Liwei Lin, Gas Sensing at Room Temperature Using Graphene Transistors (5.61 MB)
PDF FormatSeminar Series: Efthymios Papageorgiou - Prof. Bernhard Boser, Chip-Scale Fluorescence Microscope (1.76 MB)
PDF FormatSeminar Series: Prof. Richard White, Atmospheric & Power System Sensors (2.31 MB)
PDF FormatDr. Osama Khan - Prof. Kris Pister: Dynamic Networks (6.9 MB)
PDF FormatDr. Ruonan Liu - Prof. Clark T.-C. Nguyen, All-Mechanical Receivers (8.69 MB)
PDF FormatDr. Hossain Fahad, Chemical Sensitive Field Effect Transistors (CS-FET) (4.07 MB)
PDF FormatDr. Gilbert A. Hawkins Digital Water: Evolution of the Insights of Lord Rayleigh (3.03 MB)
PDF FormatProf. Rong Fan, Single-Cell, 42-Plex Cytokine Analyses: From Immune Defense to Immuno Pathogenesis (15.91 MB)
PDF FormatPeter Himes, SITRI Instroduction (6.77 MB)
PDF FormatDr. Song Xue, MultiDimension Technology - Tunneling Magneto-Resistive Sensor Design, Fabrication and Applications (5.81 MB)
PDF FormatJoost van Beek, NXP Semiconductors - A Piezo-Resistive, Temperature Compensated, MEMS-Based Frequency Synthesizer (1.77 MB)
PDF FormatMike Driscoll - Low Noise Signal Generation and Verification Techniques (863.26 KB)
PDF FormatDr. Niels Quack - High-Tech Startups in Switzerland (610.39 KB)
PDF FormatDr. Alissa Fitzgerald - How to Successfully Transfer MEMS from the Nanolab to a Commercial Foundry, 1May2012 (2 MB)
[video - 38.00 MB]   PDF FormatFrederick Doering: Mobile Airborne Particulate Matter Monitor for Cellular Deployment 24Jun2012 (949.68 KB)
PDF FormatProf. Ciro Filemon Flores-Rivera: A Microfluidics Application: Navier-Stokes and Convection-Diffusion Equations, 21Jun2011 (317.34 KB)
PDF FormatDamian Paszkeicz: Disco Hi-Tec Technology Update & Dicing Saw; 28Jun2011 (2.32 MB)
PDF FormatDr. Ruud Vullers: Energy Harvesting for Wireless Autonomous Sensor Systems; 25Feb2011 (2.75 MB)
PDF FormatProf. Peter Seitz: Revolutionizing X-Ray Radiography and Discovering Single-Photon Imaging; 22Feb2011 (760.89 KB)
PDF FormatDr. Niels Quack: Micromirrors for Integrated Tunable Mid-Infrared Detectors and Emitters; 8Feb2011 (1.52 MB)
PDF FormatDr. Ayden Maralani: Design of Silicon Carbide JFET-Based Operational Amplifiers; 14Dec2010 (1 MB)
[video - 168.55 MB]  PDF FormatDr. Thomas Watteyne: Standards-Based Protocol Stacks for Low-Power Wireless Communication; 2Nov2010 (3.01 MB)
[video - 123.75 MB]   PDF FormatDr. Rishi Kant: Silicon Migration as a Process for Micro/Nano Fabrication; 19Oct2010 (4.09 MB)
[video - 123.89 MB]  PDF FormatDr. Igor Paprotny: Harvesting Energy from Energized Conductors; 5Oct2010 (1.49 MB)
PDF FormatProf. Jordi Madrenas: Devices, Circuits and Signal Conditioning for Electrostatic MEMS in CMOS; 10Aug2010 (6.96 MB)
PDF FormatDr. Andrei Shkel: Precision Navigation and Timing Enabled by Micro/Nano/Pico/Femto/Atto; 27Apr2010 (2.01 MB)
PDF FormatDavid Stevens: Understanding Patent Law and Strategies; 29Sep2009 (28.63 KB)
PDF FormatProf. Yoke Khin Yap: Nanotube Growth, Characterization and Applications; 9Dec2008 (13.78 MB)
PDF FormatDr. Hongsoo Choi: Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers; 23Apr08 (1.24 MB)
PDF FormatDr. Peter Seitz: Life Science Applications for Nano/Micro Technologies; 19Mar08 (907.18 KB)
PDF FormatDr. Jon Kindred: Starkey Hearing Research Center; 12Dec07 (876.53 KB)
PDF FormatDr. Brent Edwards: Wireless Technology and Other Advances in Digital Hearing Aids; 12Dec07 (189.31 KB)
PDF FormatMichael Cohen: Commercializing IP in the University Environment; 5Dec07 (421.08 KB)
PDF FormatQiao Lin: MEMS Thermal Characterization and Manipulation of Biomolecules; 28Nov07 (999.76 KB)


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