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BPN856: Broadly-Tunable Laser with Self-Imaging Three-Branch Multi-Mode Interferometer

Project ID BPN856
Start Date Sun 2017-Jan-29 09:14:46
Last Updated Sat 2018-Jan-27 16:01:31
Abstract Tunable lasers with high SMSRs are cost-effective solutions to replace multiple DFB lasers as the light source for WDM systems. Interferometer- based lasers, such as C3 and Y- lasers, have advantages over grating- and ring-resonator-based lasers in terms of cost and fabrication complexities; however, a large optical path difference between the two arms is required for high SMSRs but it defeats the Vernier effect and reduces the wavelength tuning range. In our proposed three-branch MMI laser, two tuning arms with similar lengths ensure a wide tuning range, and an additional long arm provides extra optical interference and increases the SMSR. In this project, our designed laser can be optimized to be single-mode across the entire C-band, and the use of a self-imaging MMI avoids additional losses that would potentially increase the threshold. Based on our simulation, the laser wavelength of the device can be electrically tuned over 30 nm with a 100-GHz ITU channel spacing. It is expected that, upon the completion of the project, the developed tunable laser can serve as a low-cost solution for datacom and telecom applications.
Status Continuing
Funding Source Industry
IAB Research Area NanoTechnology: Materials, Processes & Devices
Researcher(s) Guan-Lin Su
Advisor(s) Ming C. Wu
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