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Enter Your Publication to the BSAC Publications Web Database

In a continued effort to make resources more accessible to the BSAC researchers, we have created a database of all BSAC publications, from conference papers to journal publications to masters and doctoral dissertations. Submitting your publication helps to preserve your work as a part of BSAC history, and helps your current and future fellow researchers.

Please follow the simple directions below to submit your publication to the database.

  1. Go to Publication submission page.

  2. If you do not have the BSAC login account, please visit the BSAC Office in 403 Cory Hall.

  3. Enter the appropriate information into the fields for your publication. Please list as much information as possible.  Be sure to double-check the information for accuracy.

  4. Please convert your publication to the PDF format.  More information is provided if you need additional assistance.

  5. After completing the form, hit the "Submit Publication" button at the bottom.  You're all done!

Time Required to Enter a New Publication

  • First-time user (including looking for the password in your desk and hand-typing the abstract):
    9 minutes.

  • Power user could do this in 4 minutes.

Advantages for You

  • Assures your publication will be included in BSAC Newsletter. (Inverse is also true--not entering insures it will not be included)

  • Assures your publication will be available or identified to site visitors. (Inverse also true)

  • New periodical listings will be emailed to all Industry Members, more than 100 individuals working (and hiring) in our industry.

  • Other methods of promotion of significant papers will be used periodically (links from within our site and from other sites; in extraordinary cases, press release may be issued announcing publication).

Cost to You

  • Nine minutes of your time.

  • For Power users, only four minutes.

Reminders & Cautions

  1. Prepublication? (Preprints in advance of the publication date). Prepublication of abstracts is sometimes allowed. If in doubt, check with your advisor, the publicationís rules, or the editor. There is a box on the submission form to indicate publication date. We will not link any PDF file until after the publication date. Journals, conferences, and periodicals will pull the publication and/or the presentation if they catch this in time.

  2. Copyright? We cannot publish on our website, any copy or facsimile of an article without explicit permission of the owner of the copyright. For articles for which we prepare the text illustrations, figures, etc., WE own the copyright (jointly with the publication), so we are OK. This applies to professional journal articles. For trade-press and magazine ghost-authored papers which are re-written by the publication from our source material, we cannot publish without the permission of the publication.

  3. Patent Bars? If rule #1 above is followed, no further consequences result from listing the publication on the website. Be aware that publication of an enabling description prior to patent filing, negates patent rights in many countries. Publication of non-enabling abstracts is OK. To preserve U.S. patentability, make sure a patent application (with claims) has been filed before the publication date. We are modifying the submission engine to include this reminder. Contact, or visit Office of Technology Licensing, if in doubt.

For more information, please contact Executive Director Dr. Mike Cable or visit the BSAC Office in 403 Cory Hall.


  • Copyright Notification: All papers downloaded from this site are © University of California or the publisher, all rights reserved. Contact the BSAC Webmaster for permission related to copyrighted materials.
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